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Podcast Production

The sound quality of a podcast can make or break the effective delivery of your message. Our high-quality production ensures a polished finished product.

Time to Live Podcast

Time to Live Podcast is dedicated to the mission of AAOSH, which is to connect medicine and dentistry on a worldwide basis with a collaboration of professionals from a variety of healthcare fields. The hosts of Time to Live ask questions that encompass a wider realm of well being than just dental health, such as “What brings you joy in life?” and “What is the connection between brain health and sleep?”

Podcast Editing

From sound leveling to trimming repeat content and dead space, we edit the podcast for maximum flow and impact.

Branding and Logo Design

Our involvement in the production process helps us to create the best graphic representation of the podcast’s message and the hosts’ personalities.

Podcast Intro and Outro

The intro and outro elements frame each episode of a podcast, elevating the entire production. We create custom intros and outros based on your unique podcast, incorporating targeted music and voice overs.

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