Sockshop Haight Street

Sockshop Haight Street is a fun, women owned, sock shop in the Haight-Ashbury District of SanFrancisco, California. We worked with them on a full store re-brand and the creation of an online store.

Back_Mural_2.0 (1).jpg

"It was such a pleasure working with Emily and Nicki on branding, graphic design, and website development. As a small business owner I am expected to wear many hats and be successful at management, buying, accounting, marketing...everything! For me, marketing is the thing I struggle with the most, so it was great to know I was in good hands with Emily and Nicki and that they would educate and assist me every step of the way with our marketing strategy. We would not have the online presence we have today if it wasn't for them! They took feedback well, and were really easy to communicate with, which fostered a relationship where my ideas were valued and built upon, so in the end our marketing reflected the essence of "sockshop" while looking night and day better than anything I could have developed on my own."

Lauren Graham, Owner


With a specific concept and inspiration in mind for the logo design, we got to work creating mockups and color variations. We worked closely with the owner through every stage, to create exactly what she was looking for.



With thousands of in-store skus, the process of creating an online store can be very overwhelming. By utilizing the Shopify platform and an integration with the in-store inventory system, we were able to create seamless, easy-to-use, backend functionality. The website front end bring the fun in-store experience, online, through creative copy, high-quality images, fun collections, and more.



Alongside a logo and website, we created numerous graphic assets, to complete the store's re-brand. This includes signage, business cards, flyers, shopping bags, and more. We even painted a floor to ceiling mural on the back wall of the store. Being able to see the mural from the street, really entices customers walking by.