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Just DeW It Podcast

Just DeW It Podcast is the official podcast of Dental Entrepreneur Women (DeW), founded by Anne Duffy, RDH. The mission of DeW is to inspire, highlight, empower, and connect all women in dentistry. The Just DeW It Podcast was created to dive deep and share stories with the mission to inspire, highlight, empower, and connect all women in dentistry. It features conversations with leaders in the dental entrepreneurial field.

Podcast Production

With the ability to record remotely, we can implement consistency throughout each episode, eliminating any distractions for the conversations being had. Recording separate audio feeds is essential to a professional finished product.

Podcast Editing

Cleaning up the audio files and removing technical glitches are a few aspects of the editing process that provide a polished final result. We provide quality podcast editing such as leveling the sound levels and trimming the audio for superior production.

Branding and Logo Design

With the inspirational voice of Just DeW It, we needed to create a logo and branding that expressed the same enthusiasm.

Podcast Intro and Outro

The podcast intro and outro provide a polished element to each episode. Along with providing quality editing we also create professionally branded intro and outro music and voiceovers for an effective listening experience.

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