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Integrative Dental Coaching

Integrative Dental Coaching was created by Machell Hudson in 2020. She created Integrative Dental Coaching to help improve people's health by working with dental practices to efficiently and effectively implement oral systemic protocols.

Web Design & Development

With the tagline: Health focused, passionate, integrative dental coaching, we needed to create an online presence for Integrative Dental Coaching that expresses the vibrant nature of Machell’s business. Machell’s reputation for consistent command of cutting-edge science was an influencing element of the website design.

Branding and Logo Design

We created a logo and branding for Integrative Dental Coaching that includes a trademark palette. This custom palette will be represented in all resources, marketing materials, social media posts, and on the website, providing consistency of brand.

Social Media

Creating high quality graphics that integrate the custom palette, we can present the brand story on social media in an impactful way.

Copywriting for Oral Systemic Health

The unique expertise of Nicole’s past role of the Marketing Director of The American Academy for Oral Systemic Health (AAOSH) in conjunction with her career as a marketer in general gives Redwood Designs a powerful edge to fill the niche for oral systemic marketing.

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