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Direct Diagnostics

Direct Diagnostics is a clinical laboratory and biotechnology company that is advancing the field of molecular testing and transforming salivary diagnostics.

They are developing the next generation of saliva tests for infectious disease and pathogens found in the mouth and periodontia. The scientific community has published numerous studies demonstrating the destructive outcomes associated with high levels of specific bacteria in the mouth that affect the whole body as well as oral health. It is now recognized as the oral-systemic connection.

Web Design and Development

Direct Diagnostics' website needed some fine-tuning in order to convey the innovative and powerful scientific services that they offer. Providing a polished consistency, ease of navigation, and impactful information creates a more engaging digital presence.

Oral Systemic Copywriting

The team at Redwood Designs is passionate about oral systemic healthcare and loves the challenge of spreading this passion to an expanding audience. Our Co-Founder and CEO, Nicki Mackey, is the former Marketing Director for The American Academy for Oral Systemic Health (AAOSH). She has instilled in her team the skills to create compelling written and visual language that is accessible to both the healthcare professional and the layperson. 

Email Marketing

Redwood Designs can manage the entire process of your email marketing from content creation, to distribution, to data analysis of client/patient engagement.

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