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Podcast Production

The podcast recording and production process contains many details that our clients often don’t want to manage. We take on these tasks so the hosts can focus on the content and create a great show. In addition to the technical tasks involved in creating a streamlined production, we conduct research and planning of potential guests, and help with topic planning. With a strong network of oral systemic professionals, Redwood is poised to make great connections between hosts and guests.

Ask Why Podcast

The Ask Why Medicine Podcast is brought to you by four leaders in the preventative and oral systemic healthcare field. With each episode, Dr. Gina Pritchard, Dr. Witt Wilkerson, Patti DeMatteis, RDH and Lora Hooper, RDH explore the most pertinent and current questions being asked about whole body health.

Podcast Editing

We provide quality podcast editing such as leveling the sound levels and trimming the audio for superior production.

Branding and Logo Design

We created the branding and logo for Ask Why, giving them a professional and relatable expression of who they are.

Podcast Intro and Outro

Along with providing quality editing we also create professionally branded intro and outro music and voice segues for a smooth listening experience.

Social Media

With high quality graphics and concise, compelling copy, we can reach a growing audience through social media, continually bringing in new listeners.

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