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Nicole Mackey

Founder and CEO

Nicki has a passion for projects, discovering creative solutions to organizational processes, and branding. She brings extensive work experience in website development, e-commerce, graphic design, branding, marketing, virtual event production, podcasting and video production, and online consulting. Nicki graduated from Eastern Kentucky University with a bachelors degree in Marketing and Professional Golf Management (double major).

In her spare time, Nicki enjoys home renovation projects and woodworking. You can often find her in the workshop making bowls. Also, in a past life, Nicki played Division 1 collegiate golf and was a PGA Golf Professional at Pebble Beach Resorts.


Redwood Designs is a design and marketing company created to elevate your business. Redwood Designs brings our clients’ mission and messaging to their target audience. 


We help people, practices, and companies craft and expand their online presence. Through quality design, we captivate and grow your audience. We believe that in order to effectively represent any business, first we must listen. We are a part of your team. The more we know you, the better we can showcase you to the world. Our strategy, approach, and designs are all as unique as our clients.

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Jillian Mackey

Graphic Designer and Editor

Jillian has a love for creative work, and a creative lifestyle. During the day you can find her working as a freelance video editor and graphic designer with two years of experience, and in her free time she loves to crochet and play video games. Jillian enjoys serving her community, and has worked in roles tutoring elementary aged children, and later for a local Housing and Redevelopment Agency helping keep people in their Section 8 housing.


Her ultimate goal is to travel the world backpacking and connecting with people she may not meet otherwise.

Julia Anabo

Copywriter and Marketing Coordinator

Julia has a fascination with words and the empowerment that’s created with effective communication. Julia’s career has taken her through the music, fashion, food and healthcare industries. With a decade in the restaurant business, she’s worked just about every role from dishwasher to management. She has a bachelor’s degree in Linguistics from the University of California, Santa Cruz.


Much of her childhood was spent training as a competitive gymnast. This experience along with her professional life has solidified the belief that we achieve exponentially more when we work together as a team, than we do alone.


When not writing for clients, Julia can be found creating reviews to justify her streaming habit, staring at her half-finished sewing projects, and borrowing other people’s dogs.

Kialey Hail

Virtual Assistant and Web Designer

Kialey is a detailed oriented and artistic person who brings fun and enthusiasm to any conversation. She has 7 years worth of customer service experience through her work as a barista at Starbucks and in Yosemite National Park. She has worked professionally in special effects makeup and continues to pursue it as a passion.


She currently lives in Los Angeles, California and in her spare time she enjoys doing makeup, and pursuing art projects in the mediums of crochet, embroidery, and reading.

Why are we named "Redwood Designs"

Nature symbolizes growth. The redwood tree grows to be the tallest tree in the forest, standing out above the rest. Through organic methods, we plan, create, and grow your online presence to its optimal height. 


Quality Design = Higher Engagement = Greater Influence and Trust

Ryan Dineen

Director of Operations and Project Management

Ryan grew up in Orange County, CA before moving to Santa Cruz for college, among the redwoods of UCSC, and never looked back. There he earned his bachelor's in American History, which allowed him to study questions that he finds utterly fascinating: How did we come to be the way that we are? How can we be our best selves moving into the future? He has always been passionate about people—getting to know them, understand them, and love them.


He was the Sales Manager for a wholesale clothing company for almost a decade before moving to Redwood Designs in 2022. Bringing his passion for people and communication to Redwood, Ryan is the bridge between team members, projects, and our clients. 


Ryan has an especial passion for music, having been in various bands over the years, both in school and with friends. Playing music is like nothing else: it is art, yet math; it is a group endeavor, yet is made up of unique individuals parts; it teaches us so much about how to effectively function in life. For fun, he finds that nothing beats a weekend out of town in a quiet spot with a good book. He also enjoys playing chess, watching and discussing movies, grabbing beers with friends, and working on his novel that he will never actually finish.

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